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Best Camping Coffee Maker [2022] BikeHikeSafari

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This is a review of all the Best Camping Coffee Makers on the market in 2022.

Not everything we want to take on a camping or backpacking trip is portable. If you are going camping, hiking, or backpacking, but still want your daily cup of good quality coffee, then you will need an ultralight backpacking coffee maker. You could think about Backpacking Instant Coffee but some of you want something better.

I have put together the best camping coffee makers that you will be able to find on the market. Each one of these coffee makers is portable, lightweight, and will allow you to have a great-tasting cup of coffee every day on your next camping trip. 

Best Coffee Maker for Camping and Backpacking 2022

The Best Coffee Makers for Camping and Backpacking in 2022 are:

Best camping Coffee Maker – Overall

Bialetti Moka

Bialetti Moka Coffee maker for camping review

> No extra filters are needed, as a filter is built within and doesn’t need to be replaced.
> Made from durable aluminum, which can withstand high temperatures. 
> Easy to use, just fill up both sections with either water or coffee ground and let it boil on the gas stove.
> You will need to keep an eye on the brewing time of your coffee to make sure you don’t over brew the coffee. 
> Too Heavy to use as a Backpacking Coffee Maker

The Bialetti Moka makes the best camping coffee maker available. I not only use this when camping but I use it when Bike Touring and when I am at home. It can turn good coffee into great coffee.

Made in Italy with strong aluminum and an octagonal design, it can be used at home or on any camping stovetop.

This camping coffee maker is simple to use, as it doesn’t require any filters or other gadgets. Everything you require was built into the Bialetti Moka.

All you need to do is fill the boiler up towards the safety valve and fill your ground coffee in your filter. Then place the pot on the stovetop or gas cooker.

Overall, this makes the best coffee and is the best camping coffee maker available. Just be aware that it is not ultralight and will take up a bit of room, so it is not really suited to backpacking.

Best Backpacking Coffee Maker

GSI Collapsible Java Drip

GSI Java Drip Backpacking coffee maker review

> This coffee maker is collapsible and packs to a small size
> You can make multiple cups of coffee
> The flange on this coffee maker, will attach to any cup or mug, thus providing you with a spill-free coffee brewing.
> The Java Drip is almost twice as heavy as other pour-over brewers.
> Flavor of the coffee is not good if brewing for a large group, best suited for no more than 2 cups of coffee. 

I have been using an earlier version of a GSI coffee maker since way back in the early 1990s when they were the only ones on the market. The GSI Collapsible Java Drip is easy to use and compact much like the Sea to Summit version.

I like the collapsible design that this coffee maker has, as it makes transporting this product really easy. It only takes up a small amount of space in your backpack or camping kit, due to it collapsing so small. 

Overall, it makes a good cup of coffee and is super simple to use. This is well suited to lightweight hikers wanting to have good coffee when on a backpacking trip. A great backpacking coffee maker.

Best Camping Espresso Maker

Wacaco Nanopress Portable Espresso Maker

Wacaco  Expresso Camping coffee maker review

> Coffee lovers will appreciate the quality espresso coffee that this product produces.
> The Wacaco coffee maker doesn’t use any electricity or batteries for its power.
> This coffee maker is quite small and compact.
> Very Expensive

The Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker can help you make a really good cup of espresso while out camping. I used this camping espresso maker quite a lot while working during the last couple of years.

What I like about this product is that no electricity or batteries are needed. You use your own hands to add enough pressure to force the boiling water through the filter with the coffee.

Using up to 18 bars of pressure creates a great environment for good coffee, somewhat like you would get in a coffee shop. 

With the Nanopresso maker, you will always create dense yet creamy espressos every time. There is no denying that this is one of the more expensive coffee makers on our list but for coffee lovers, this might be a wise investment.

Overall, if you are serious about high-quality coffee and want nothing but the best, then this could be the camping espresso coffee maker for you. And it is lightweight enough to take backpacking or hiking.

Best Coffee Maker for Jetboil

Jetboil Coffee Press

Jetboil Camping Coffee Maker Review

> This is one of the lightest coffee makers on our list.
> Turns your Jetboil camping stove into your French-style coffee maker.
> Reasonably Priced.
> Only for use with Jetboil, if you have one they are awesome

With the Jetboil Coffee Press, you can create French press coffee wherever you go. This product turns your camping stove into a French press. If you already have a Jetboil Stove or are considering buying one then this is the coffee maker of choice for you.

The Jetboil Coffee Press uses a silicon ring that will keep any excess coffee grounds from escaping, during the plunging process. Alongside that, it uses a high-temperature yet durable plastic with a micro-filter. And the coffee it makes tastes great.

Overall, this is the best Jetboil Coffee maker. If you already have a Jetboil then this is for you. If you like French Press Coffee then this is for you.

Best Coffee Maker for MSR Windburner

MSR Windburner Coffee Press Review

MSR Windburner Coffee Press Kit Review

Weight: 1.3 oz / 40 grams

> Lightweight
> Compact
> Makes good quality coffee
> Reasonably Priced
> Might be easy to lose the screw-on handles for the press
> Some coffee grounds can squeeze through the side of the press

If you own the MSR Windburner Stove and love good coffee then getting the coffee press is a bit of a no-brainer. The MSR coffee press for the Windburner is lightweight, compact, fits inside the stove when not in use, and makes good coffee.

Just like a French Press for coffee that you have at home you boil the water, add the coffee, wait a couple of minutes, use the press and you are ready to have good quality coffee. It is just very easy to use.

If could possibly complain about anything it would be that some of the coffee grounds managed to get through the side of the press. While the amount was very minimal it did happen. While not enough to stop me from buying and using the press it is something to keep in mind.

Overall, the MSR Windburner Coffee Press makes good coffee when hiking, backpacking or camping and is a good choice if you already have an MSR Windburner Stove.

More Portable Coffee Makers for Camping

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Portable Espresso Coffee Maker Review

> The Aeropress Coffee Maker is lightweight.
> Brews a quality full-body cup of coffee within minutes.
> This coffee maker is made from durable and reliable plastic 
> You need to use disposable paper filters every time you want to make a cup of coffee.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a very popular coffee maker choice. This is due to its ability to brew a full-bodied cup of coffee in much less time than a French Press. Overall, these coffee makers can make up to 1 to 3 cups of coffee per brew.

You’re Not limited to the type of coffee that you can brew. The Aeropress coffee makers can also brew espresso types of coffee that can be used in cappuccinos, lattes, and any espresso-based drinks. If there is one annoying thing, it is the need to use coffee paper every time you want a coffee. It works in a similar way to the Waeco espresso maker but it is bigger and bulkier. If you want to make a large coffee rather than a shot of espresso then this might be the coffee maker for you.

Overall, this makes a high-quality cup of coffee and is a well-suited camping coffee maker for someone wanting good coffee every time.

Sea to Summit X-Brew

Sea to Summit X Brew Drip Coffee Maker Review

> The Sea to Summit X-Brew can collapse down to less than an inch in thickness.
> Made with food-grade silicone and durable nylon. It is strong and reliable to last. 
> Easy To Use: Just add your ground coffee to the brewer and your hot water.
> Some people seem to have issues with the reusable filter

The Sea to Summit X Brew is a collapsible dripper that uses the same space-saving technology as all of the other X products made by Sea to Summit.

They use a fine and reusable stainless steel mesh filter to filter the coffee grounds. Just add the coffee, then add boiling water. Very simple to use and it fits with most camping mugs and cups. When you are finished, clean up and collapse the X Brew for easy storage. If you are backpacking then this is your solution for quality coffee when backpacking.

Overall, this is the best lightweight camping coffee maker which is best suited to a coffee lover who goes backpacking and needs to bring quality coffee with them.

Best Coffee Maker for Camping

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to purchasing a coffee maker to take with you while camping, there are a couple of things you need to think about.

Some people can’t function without their morning cup of joe. Therefore, you need to find the best way to make that cup of coffee while away from home.

Below, we have put together a couple of things you should be thinking about.


The size of your coffee maker is really important. This is because the smaller and the more compact the coffee maker, the more portable it is.

When you are going camping, there is a lot of gear and equipment to take with you. Thus, you don’t want to take a bulky coffee maker, otherwise, it is going to be difficult to carry it around.

You want a coffee maker that will brew enough coffee for whoever wants coffee in the morning. Many of the best coffee makers will brew between 1 and 3 servings of coffee.

If you are camping solo or with a partner or family, you’ll want to make sure that your coffee can brew enough coffee for everyone. However, sometimes the more servings, the coffee maker can brew, the bigger the product will be.

You want to find the right balance of size and how much you want to brew. You have to make sure that whichever coffee maker you go for, is small enough so that it is easily portable. 

Best Backpacking coffee maker


The materials that make your coffee maker are important. You want the materials to be durable, to survive traveling and camping life. However, the materials will affect how your coffee is brewed. 

Durable materials such as plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum are great materials to choose from. All of these materials are known to be reliable.

Thus, you want to avoid materials like iron or glass, as they are easily breakable or more likely to form rust. 

The material will also alter the weight of the overall coffee maker. Thus, the material that makes your coffee maker can affect a lot of things.

You want a material that will keep your coffee maker lightweight, which will make it easier to carry. Whilst also, you want the material of your coffee maker to be durable.

Thus, it won’t break while you are camping and is reliable to last your entire camping trip. 


You can now still enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee while you are camping. We have given you the best camping coffee maker that you can get your hands on right now. It needs to be portable, durable, and give you the best coffee flavor possible.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee while camping. With these coffee makers, you’ll never have to go without coffee again. For the year 2022 these are the Best Camping Coffee Makers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Brew Your Coffee?

To brew your coffee, you can either use your campfire or a camping stove to heat your water. However, there are some coffee makers that use electricity from your car or batteries, and you don’t need any fire. It does depend on the coffee maker that you have purchased. 

How Long Do You Percolate Your Coffee On A Camping Stove?

Once the pot is boiling, then you should move your pot to either the fire’s edge, if on the fire, or turn the heat low on a stove. You want to give the coffee around 5 to 10 minutes to percolate.

However, the longer you leave it, the stronger the coffee will be. Therefore, you must judge it on how you like your coffee.

Best Camping Coffee Maker

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