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MSR Windburner Review [2022] BikeHikeSafari

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This is a review of the MSR Windburner Stove integrated canister stove system.

The MSR Windburner personal stove system is 1L in size and the most wind resistant backpacking stove on the market and also one of the most energy efficient. The heat produced from the stove is channeled into the integrated pot in the most energy efficient way possible. It also comes in a 1.8L duo version.

The MSR Windburner is best suited for use in any exposed campsite. Whether you are in the cold windy mountains or the open desert, the MSR Windburner Stove could be the all in one stove and pot system for you.

MSR Windburner Stove

MSR Windburner Stove

Weight: 15.3 oz / 433 grams (1L pot)

> Best in class performance in the wind
> Very fast boil time
> Uses less gas per boil than many other stove systems
> Compact size which will fit a small size gas canister inside
> Windburner stove can be used with either a 1L or 1.8L pot
> Not really ultralight
> Expensive

I just found my favorite all in one stove and pot system, the MSR Windburner. After testing this unit there is a lot to like. Not only is this the most efficient stove in cold windy environments but it uses less fuel to boil or cook food than many other stoves.

The MSR Windburner has the highest build quality of any of the stoves in this review. Add to that the fact that you can add a coffee press and even another pot or skillet and this is the all in one system that I prefer to use when heading into the backcountry.

But there are some things that could be better. It is expensive and it could be lighter. Also, there is no integrated piezo ignitor like that found on some of the competitors. Even though I have found that you always need to carry a lighter anyway as the piezo ignitors tend to fail at the worst possible moment.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons for the MSR Windburner.

MSR Windburner 1.0

Ease of Use

After adding the gas canister and support legs to the burner unit you need to light the stove. There is no built in piezo ignitor with this system so you will need to carry either matches, a lighter, or a fire starter to get this unit going. Then just screw on the pot and you are done.


The MSR Windburner is not the lightest stove and pot set on the market. It is quite heavy and I’m not sure they could do too much to make it any lighter. I suspect the reason it is so heavy would have something to do with the very high build quality. The Windburner is solidly built and will certainly take a bit more abuse than some of the competition.


The MSR Windburner has a very fast boil time. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t use a lot of fuel during the process makes this stove very fuel efficient. And in windy conditions, this stove excels as the best in class.

MSR Windburner Stove


I’m going to keep this short and sweet. The MSR Windburner is the best stove to use when it is windy. Period. There is no other stove on the market that can compete for performance in the wind.


The MSR Windburner stove will simmer but that is not the primary use of this system. It is to boil water and boil it as fast and efficiently as possible. If you do need to simmer then it is possible but it will also be very hot and not like simmering when cooking at home.

Accessories / Integration

The MSR Windburner Stove can be used with a 1L pot, 1.8L, a pan, and a coffee press for those who need caffeine.

MSR Windburner 1L Pot

The 1L pot without the stove weighs 8.7 oz / 250 grams. The MSR Windburner 1.0 personal pot is really only suitable for solo hikers. Not many couples could survive with this size stove and might find it better to use the 1.8L.

MSR Windburner 1.8L pot

The 1.8L pot without the stove weighs 13.2 oz / 370 grams. It is a great option for groups of between 2-4 people.


The skillet weighs 7.6 oz / 220 grams. Like all the other Windburner pots it works great in wind.

Coffee Press

There is a coffee press that can be used with the Windburner. I used the one that fits the 1L pot. I loved the coffee and its simplicity. I use the MSR Coffee Press when out hiking and backpacking.

It weighs only 1.3 oz / 37 grams and makes good coffee. I’m a coffee lover and find it impossible to live without coffee. As expected the coffee quality is better than any Backpacking Instant Coffee on the market.

MSR Windburner Personal 1.0

Pot and Lid

The pot that comes with the Windburner is made of anodized aluminum. It is wrapped in an insulated cozy with an integrated handle.

The lid for the Windburner is made from plastic and is BPA free. It has a drinking and straining hole. There is also a plastic bowl but it is not really the most useful item. It does a good job of protecting the stove when it is packed.

The small sized gas canisters will fit inside the unit when it is fully packed up but the medium and large size gas canisters do not.


The MSR Windburner is not one of the cheapest stove and pot combos. Although well made and very solid the higher price might turn some people off buying this unit. Add to that the best in class warranty from MSR should anything happen.

MSR Windburner 1.0 Personal Stove

MSR Windburner vs The Rest

The MSR Windburner is the most fuel efficient and best performing stove in bad weather. When it is windy this is the stove to have with you. That efficiency and performance in the wind comes at the cost of weight with the MSR Windmaster being a little heavier than the competition.

MSR Windburner Vs Jetboil

The MSR Windburner is better made and higher quality but a lot heavier and more expensive. The Jetboil is lighter and cheaper.


Overall, I’m a big fan of this all-in-one stove and pot combo. Just add a gas canister and a lighter and off you go. If you are spending time in windy areas and exposed areas then consider this as one of the best stoves on the market in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MSR Windburner any good?

The MSR Windburner is one of the best all-in-one stove and pot backpacking stoves available. It is very fuel efficient and the best stove in the business in windy conditions.

Can you make coffee with the MSR Windburner?

Yes. Add the optional Coffee / Tea French Press that can be added to the MSR Windburner.

Can you simmer with the MSR Windburner?

Yes the MSR Windburner can simmer if needed. But it is not the main focus of the Windburner which is to boil water fast and efficiently.

Can you use a pan on the MSR Windburner?

Yes, there is an optional pan that can be used on the MSR Windburner stove.

MSR Windburner Personal Stove 1.0 Review

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