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Save Time And Money The Easy Way

by Diane Spicer

Meet Hiking For Her’s Diane

The best current deals for hikers can be elusive, or confusing.

  • You know the drill: use this coupon, hit this deadline, spend just a bit more to get free shipping…

Why spend your own time searching for how to save the most time and money as a hiker?

Let Hiking For Her do it for you!


Visit this page every week, or whenever you’re looking for something in particular to make your gear list or vacation plans complete.

It’s a smorgasbord of hiker savings, updated and organized just for you, under the umbrella of best current deals for hikers.

It’s easy to find
the best current deals for hikers

Jump to the categories that speak loudest to you:

What kind of current deals
are we talking about?

You’ll see the best current hiking deals on everything related to your outdoor time, including:

  • outdoor gear and
    clothing sales or deeply discounted end of season pricing
  • discounts or amazing prices for hiking vacations and adventure destinations
  • coupon codes that can save you money at your favorite (or
    soon to be) high quality outdoor companies
  • upcoming classes and webinars for hikers that are a great deal, or discounted for early signup
  • hiking freebies that are just waiting for you
  • limited time offers for hikers that come and go in just a few days

And whatever else I notice that can save you time, money, or both.

But it’s going to be time or quantity limited offers, so you’ll have to take action quickly to score the best hiking deals.

And you might have to accept your second favorite color for a hiking jacket, because that’s all that is in stock at the moment.

But remember the mantra:

Save time and money.

Your gear list and budget will be in great shape if you bookmark this page on outdoor gear deals and check back often.

What’s my “why” behind this page on
best current deals for hikers?

Why am I adding another resource to over 700 pages of Hiking For Her?

I am doing this to help you, dear hiker.

There are so many juicy best current deals for hikers out there, waiting for your eyes.

And they land in my inbox every day. Why not share them with you?

Some of the links will take you to affiliates, meaning I may receive a small percentage of your purchase price without costing you anything extra. It helps keep the electrons humming on Hiking For Her, and is deeply appreciated.

Quality and value only, for real

You may already get emails that tell you “hey, REI is having a big sale, shop now.”


page is going to dig deeper, a lot deeper, to fend off inflation as you
score the best deals that can be found in Hiking World.

That means the content of this page will change every week, maybe even daily.

That is the whole point.

  • To share current, time limited and juicy deals with you.

My pledge to you, one hiker to another

Will I share junk?

Stupid or useless stuff?

Anything I don’t/won’t use myself?

Absolutely not! That’s not how Hiking For Her rolls (although I see a lot of that kind of nonsense on other websites).

will share my favorite brands and outdoor companies with you, the ones
with great customer policies and a proven track record of quality brands.

And I’ll share small businesses and organizations that you may not have run across before, but are providing outstanding value and learning opportunities to our hiking community.

Now dig into the best current deals for hikers!

Outdoor Gear & Clothing Deals

Get $50 to spend through May 4, 2022 when you spend $150 at Backcountry.

Cotopaxi is having a sale April 26 – April 30, 2022.

Here’s the twist: along with sunglasses and hammocks for summer fun, their down and fleece jackets are discounted (which rarely happens). Think ahead!

LadyHike is having a Last Chance sale, an opportunity to score a great deal on stylish and functional trail dresses, leggings and more.

TitleNine is marking down clothing you’ll need for summer adventures and trips, up to 30% off even the new arrivals.

Thorlos hiking socks 30% off, which is a sweet deal on this eco-friendly line from a top brand.

Deals On Food For Hikers

Kathmandu Curry dehydrated meals from Nomad Nutrition is on sale for all you curry lovers!

Classes For Hikers

Virtual free 2 hour class on picking a backpack basics from REI, no need to be a co-op member.

Adventure Travel Deals

This Women’s Hiking Tour of Iceland webinar gives you a taste of what could be a fantastic hiking trip from 57Hours.

Hiking Resources

Make your support of American Hiking Society work for you AND them!

AHS will make your Spring 2022 donation go a long way:

  • A $100 donation rewards you with an annual Backpacker Brand Pass through
    Outside. That brings you an annual print subscription to Backpacker
    Magazine, digital content feed on, and gear discounts.
  • A $250 or more donation rewards you with annual print subscriptions to
    Outside Magazine as well as Backpacker Magazine, two books from VeloPress,
    GaiaGPS membership, gear discounts and free training plans.

Fun Stuff And Gifts

MountainClimb makes unique bench mark medallions, paperweights, pins and other commemorative items. Remember your favorite places and save 20% for a limited time.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you found at least one thing to enhance your next day hike or backpacking adventure, family camping trip or backyard nature time.

This page of best current deals for hikers

is going to change and grow all the time,

so bookmark it and check it often.

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She’s been on a hiking trail somewhere in the world for 5+ decades & loves to share her best hiking tips right here.

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