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Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent Review — CleverHiker

SMALL PACKED SIZE – The packed size of the Lunar Solo is 11 x 4.5 in., which is already nice and small. But since there are no tent poles or carbon fiber struts to worry about, you can squish it down much smaller and fit it into pretty much any small space in your pack.

LOTS OF FLOOR SPACE – Man, were we impressed the first time we set up our Lunar Solo. The total floor area is 26.25 sq. ft., and it feels like a luxurious amount of space for one. There’s plenty of room to store your gear at your feet (even if you’re over 6′ tall) or next to you in the little side kickout area that we’ve dubbed “the garage.” This bonus space at your side is also the perfect spot for a dog to sleep.

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